Competition info


Fin5 Orienteering Week

from June 26th until July 1st 2023

Tampere – Kangasala – Ylöjärvi

Competition Days 

Monday 26th June at 5 pm                           Middle distance, Lamminrahka, Kangasala

Tuesday 27th June at 3 pm                           Sprint, WRE, Tampere city center

Wednesday 28th June at 5 pm                    Middle distance, Teivo, Ylöjärvi

Thursday 29th June                                       Date of events

Friday 30.6. klo 15.00                                   Long distance, Lukonmäki, Tampere

Saturday 1st June at 10 am                          Middle distance, Lukonmäki, Tampere

Competition rules

The competitions follow the rules of the IOF and SSL as well as the instructions given by the organizers.


In WRE race, the starting order is reversed according to the WRE ranking.

Competition terrain 

The 1st competition will take place in diverse Aitovuori-Lamminrahka open-rock terrain with small features.

The 2nd competition is a sprint around city blocks in Tampere city center. For classes H/D21E this race is WRE-race.

The 3rd competition will take place in the fast-paced Teivaalanharju and Soppeenharju with lot of contours.

Competitions 4 and 5 will take place in versatile terrain with deep slopes near Hervanta Tampere.


Competition and training are forbidden in all competition terrains.


H21E, H20E, H18E, H16E

H21A, H21AL, H35A, H35AL, H40A, H40AL, H45A, H45AL, H50A, H50AL, H55A, H55AL, H60A, H60AL, H65A, H65AL, H70A, H70AL, H75, H80, H85, H90, H95, H17-20A, H13-16B, H14A, H13A, H12, H12TR, H10, H10RR, H09RR, H08R

D21E, D20E, D18E, D16E

D21A, D21AL, D35A, D35AL, D40A, D40AL, D45A, D45AL, D50A, D50AL, D55A, D55AL, D60A, D60AL, D65, D70, D75, D80, D85, D90, D95, D17-20A, D13-16B, D14A, D13A, D12 D12TR, D10, D10RR, D09RR, D08RR

All competition classes daily results will be combined as total results. Elite classes have pursuit race on the last day. In the H/D16-21E classes, competitors must prepare for the use of GPS tracking.

The organizer reserves the right to split classes.

Registration fees

Registration by December 20th, 2022:

H/D 21E 115 € / week, 25 € / day expect for WRE 30 € / day

H/D 16E-20E 110 € / week, 25 € / day

H/D 17-95 100 € / week, 23 € / day

H/D 8-16 65 € / week, 15 € / day

Registration by February 28th, 2023:

H/D 21E 125 € / week, 28 € / day, except for WRE 33 € / day

H/D 16E-20E 120 € / week, 28 € / day

H/D 17-95 110 € / week, 25 € / day

H/D 8-16 70 € / week, 16 € / day

Registration by May 15th, 2023:

H/D 21E 145 € / week, 31 € / day, except for WRE 36 € / day

H/D 16E-20E 140 € / week, 31 € / day

H/D 17-95 130 € / week, 30 € / day

H/D 8-16 75 € / week, 17 € / day

Registration by June 15th, 2023:

H/D 21E 195 € / week, 45 € / day, except for WRE 50 € / day

H/D 16E-20E 190 € / week, 45 € / day

H/D 17-95 180 € / week, 40 € / day

H/D 8-16 90 € / week, 20 € / day

Registration and payment fee

Registration and payment fees will be done through IRMA system. If this is not possible, registration can be done by registration form on Fin5 internet site. In this case registration fee is paid immediately to following bank account:

Tampereen Pyrintö

IBAN FI52 5730 0820 2450 88


Banking fees are paid by the participant.

Cancellations of registrations and classes exchanges

If a competitor cancels a participation by May 15th, 2023, the entry fees will be refunded except for office costs which is 5 € per day.

If a competitor cancels after May 15th, 2023, 50% of the entry fee will be refunded against an official medical certificate or other equivalent document.

Classes exchange is free of charge until May 15th, 2023, in IRMA system. After June 20, 2022, an office fee of 5€ will be charged for class change. It will be paid at Competition Info point.

Open classes

Open 7 km (demanding)

Open 4 km (demanding)

Open 5 km (quite easy)

Open 3 km (quite easy)


It is recommended to register for open series in advance, but it is also possible during the competition week on the competitor office information point. Registration and fees through IRMA-system by June 15th, 2023. Family-RR has the same payment fee as for children under 18 years old.

Registration by June 15th, 2023:

Children under 18 years old                                       65 € / week, 15 € / day

Others                                                                             80 € / week, 18 € / day

Registration on the competition office:

Children under 18 years old                                       75 € / week, 17 € / day

Others                                                                             90 € / week, 20 € / day


Payment methods at Competition Information point:

Cash (max 50€ notes are accepted)

Bank card

All possible exercise benefits and their mobile payment methods (benefit card cannot be used)

Emit-stamp(punching system)

Emit stamp (punching system) is used in all series. The emit card number must be announced with registration. If the emit card number is not announced, we will reserve a rental card for the competitor for 20 € / week or 5 € / day.

From the Info it is possible to rent Emit cards for 20 € / week or 5 € / day. We charge 85 € for a unreturned emit card.

Emit card number change is free of charge until June 15th, 2023, in IRMA system. After this, an exchange fee of 5 € will be charged for the exchange which will be paid in competition Info.

In WRE-race competitors must prepare for the use of touch free punching system (EmitTag). More detailed information will be updated in the competition instructions.


There is plenty of accommodation capacity in Tampere region from rental summer cottages to the highest hotel of Finland. More information please find

Note: There are many other events at Tampere, for example European Master Games (EMG) -competition with thousands of participants, so make your accommodation reservation on time.

Childrens’s care

There is a children’s daycare at each competition center. Registration to daycare must be done in advance by June 19th. with the registration form on Fin5 internet site. Participation fee at daycare is 10 € / day, and it is paid at Competition Info Point. It’s not possible to register to daycare at competition center.

Training possibilities

There are lot of training terrains. More detailed information please check from Fin5 internet site.

Competition maps

All maps are printed on weatherproof paper. No plastic needed.

In competition maps (1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th race) the scale is 1:10 000 and contour interval is 5 meters. In classes H/D8-14 and H/D45 and older the scale is 1:7 500.

For Sprint race (2nd race) the scale of competition map is 1:4 000 and contour interval 2 meters. In classes H/D8–14 and H/D45 and older the scale is 1:3 000.

Starting times

All elite classes starting times have been drawn. There is a pursuit race on the last day. In WRE race, the starting order is reversed according to the WRE ranking.

In other classes competitors can select their starting times. More detailed information will be given in competition instructions.

Selection to H/D21E classes

The organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants in H21E and D21E classes. Participants not qualified in H21E and D21E classes will be transferred to classes H/D21A. Selection criteria is based on IOF World Ranking and/or for Finnish participants online-ranking situation 16.5.2023.


H/D21E classes are awarded based on the overall results of the five competitions with coaching scholarship.

  1. 2 000 €
  2. 1 000 €
  3. 500 €

The best competitors are awarded based on the overall results of the five competitions. In addition, the winners of the first 4 competitions and the winners of the overall competition by classes are awarded with other prizes.

Depending on the class, 1 – 3 prizes are awarded.

Competition Centers:

1st Competition: new Lamminrahka neighborhood under construction

Address: Mossin puistokatu, Kangasala

Organizer: Kangasala SK


2nd Competition: Tampere central square, Laikunlava

Address: Keskustori 6, Tampere

Organizer: Tampereen Pyrintö


3rd Competition: Teivo harness racing track

Address: Velodromintie 4, Ylöjärvi

Organizer: Epilän Esa


4th and 5th Competition: Hervanta old ski center

Address: Kierikankatu 1, Tampere

Organizer: Koovee


Parking and arrival    

All competition centers can be reached by public transport. More detailed information can be found on Fin5 internet site 2 weeks before the competitions. The organizer does not organize any special bus transports.

There are parking areas for some of the competitions with parking fee. In Tampere city center competition parking is also available in parking areas and parking halls with normal parking fee.

More detailed parking information will be in competition instructions.

Competition Officials

Chairman of the Organization Board: Juha Villikka

Competition Secretary: Mikko Eskola,, Tel. +358 400 568693

Competition Supervisor (TA): Timo Saarinen, SSL


1st Competition:

Competition Manager: Mikko Heikkinen

Course setter: Lauri Nuuttila

Course controller: Olli-Petteri Hirvonen (TP)


2nd Competition:

Competition Manager: Erkki Jaatinen

Course setters: Arto Itkonen, Severin Howald

Course controller: Timo Salonen (VaHa)

Event Adviser (WRE-competition controller): Juha Miettinen


3rd Competition:

Competition Manager: Jussi Sulander

Course setters: Kari Maijala, Ari Ovaska

Course controller: Jari Kymäläinen (TP)


4th and 5th Competition:

Competition Manager: Ville Niemelä

Course setters: Mikko Vainio, Mikko Eskola

Course controller: Marja Molin (KangSK)

You are most welcome!